Can Vinegar Cure Cancer?

Otto Warburg, a Nobel laureate claimed decades ago that cancer cannot exist in a well oxygenated environment. Cancer cells operate in order to survive by anaerobic metabolism (without oxygen) and this means that cancer cells live on subsistent levels of energy (ATP) production. In fact cancer cells are typically surrounded by a pool of lactic acid (the by-product of anaerobic metabolism), which on its own can reduce oxygen levels to a mere 5% of the environment of normal tissues. This acid pool acts as a barrier to oxygen being carried to cancer cells, and the rate of removal of the acids must exceed the rate at which they are being generated or else the condition is not curable.

DMSO (a penetrant) is a bio-oxative transport molecule that penetrates the body easily, and donates oxygen to low oxygenated tissues. It has been proven, in vitro to convert cancer cells into normal cells. It breaks up the cancer, and the associated acids, by providing oxygen, and allowing the restoration of normal aerobic, high energy producing metabolism.

If you ingest too much DMSO GEL, it quickly spreads to all tissues, it is highly hydrophilic, but once the oxygen is donated it becomes hydrogen sulphide which is highly hydrophobic. As it approaches air it travels though your skin to get away from the water in your body. The rotten garlic smell it emits is hideous to anyone else nearby or in the building with you.

DMSO is very cheap, and made from trees, so the pharmaceutical lobbyists don’t like it! The bottom line is that in the western world if you can’t make money off the sick, then they would prefer the sick died of their illness rather than cure them without making a buck off of their desperate plight.

Vinegar is implicated in cancer as well as in Alzheimer’s disease. The mechanism is caused by the so-called over-expression of the corresponding deacetylating enzymes. Acetyl, is from vinegar if you don’t know it already.

When the body is deficient in a molecule it will catabolize the molecule from less critical systems of lower priority, your body is smart. Osteoporosis for example results from a deficiency of calcium, and the body borrowing it from the bones in order to produce calcium bicarbonate and maintain critical blood PH levels. The result is you don’t die immediately from acid blood, but your bones gradually weaken to the point of crisis.

The acetyl molecule from vinegar is a critical entry-level component of the Kreb’s Cycle, in fact it is a rate determining factor. Without the acetyl molecule kreb’s/aerobic metabolism shuts down and we get the acid cascade of pyruvate accumulation, lactic acid accumulation, and the corresponding depletion of oxygen levels…and the anaerobic metabolism that cancer needs!

Vinegar, like DMSO, is also a penetrant.

It is possible that overly acid tissues like cancer cells have an inadequate alkaline buffer to convert the acidic vinegar to acetyl molecules and restart kreb’s. In which case mixing it with baking soda until the bubbling stops(indicating a neutral PH), will go a long way towards kick starting kreb’s in overly acidic tissues like cancerous ones. This frees up the acetyl molecule from the acid vinegar if the body can’t do it itself.

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