Is Credit Repair a Rip Off

Consumers have a critical interest in improving and maintaining their creditworthiness and credit quality in order to obtain and use credit. As a result, consumers who have encountered credit problems can seek help from credit repair companies that offer to improve the credit of such consumers. * Some advertisements and commercial practices of some credit repair companies have caused financial difficulties for consumers, especially those with less economic status and less experience. about credit.

* The purpose of this name is:

(1) ensure that potential buyers of credit repair agency (CRO) services are provided with the information necessary to make informed decisions about purchasing these services; and

(2) to protect the public against misleading or deceptive advertising and business practices of credit repair companies. Despite this law, there are still many credit repair companies that do not follow the law. Make sure that any credit repair company you decide to use to provide credit repair services is properly certified by the CROA. * No credit repair company can accept upfront fees or prepayments for services. They may only charge for work and collect money for work after the work is done. For example, they can change the “set-up” fee, but only after the process has been completed.


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* No credit repair company can advertise or claim that they can “promise” to remove any negatives or anything from your credit report. Removing something from your credit report is similar to filing a complaint. Credit repair companies dispute inaccuracies and irregularities in your credit report on your behalf. As with trials, no one really knows what the outcome will be. Therefore, credit repair companies are prohibited from saying that they will guarantee to remove these factors. * No credit repair company can take monthly payments until the monthly service is completed. This is similar to the initial setup fee discussed above. One way to tell if a credit repair company is professional or not is to check if they are a member of the National Association of Credit Service Organization (NACSO).

From their website: “The National Association of Credit Service Organizations follows a strict and rigorous application and registration process to help prevent fraudulent activity throughout the credit service industry.”

“The NACSO Professional Standards will go beyond the Credit Reform Act and address the issues that are necessary for the true growth of this industry.”

Go to the NACSO website and enter the name of the credit repair company you are considering. If they are members in good standing and display the NACSO “Standards of Excellence” label, then you will be joining a reputable company.

Are you in “credit jail”? Boy, it seems sometimes. Perhaps you have experienced a job loss, health problems, business loss or divorce. The result has been late paybacks or possibly bankruptcy or bankruptcy.

With a 7-10 year timeline for removing negative items from your credit report, it will look like credit destruction after such an event. The results of less than stellar credit are usually:

* High interest rates on mortgages, car loans, personal loans and credit cards. * High cost of insurance. * Could not find a job. * It is difficult to rent a house without a co-signer. However, there are things you can do now to help build your credit. You can repair your credit legally, without resorting to illegal procedures such as getting a new identity (well, fraud), by legally challenging the credit bureaus to remove all negatives. Incorrect, outdated and unauthorized information on your credit report. How to do that?

* Well, you can hire an experienced credit attorney. They encourage the credit bureaus and your creditors to “admit” any bad things on your credit report. They do their best to support the credit bureau in the legal area where the corporation has no choice but to get rid of the bad things thus disputed. If it cannot be proven (not just confirmed) that any part of the information being reported is incorrect, the law requires the credit reporting agency to remove the incorrect, non-existent, and illegal ones, including unpaid bills, debts, judgments, late payments, seizures. , and closure. Wrong side? Many lawyers will charge you thousands of dollars.

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