Schedule a Summer Photo Fundraising Event

Seems like the only time we see photo fundraisers is at Christmas – photos with Santa.  But why not do it in the summer as well?  After all, those holiday photos are usually put away from January through November. Why not offer people photos they’ll view all year long?

If you have a local photographer – especially one who is trying to build a business and make a name for his or her work – you could do both you and the photographer some good with a photo Fundraising ideas PTA.

Encourage your donors and other acquaintances to get photos of family – both the human variety, and their furry friends.

Set it up so payment for the first photo goes to your organization, with payments for the reprints and other poses going to the photographer. Or, if the photographer is willing, share the proceeds for the additional prints.

By publicizing the fact that the photographer is donating to your cause, you’ll boost his or her standing in the community and provide advertising that’s more beneficial than any ad he or she could place. Be sure to announce the event via a press release, because then neither of you will pay for the placement. If you need to follow it up with space ads, then ask the newspaper for a non-profit rate.

Be sure that everyone in your organization is aware of the event and get each on board to promote it to friends via flyers and e-mail messages. Announce it to all of your present donors both by mail and email – and make a big splash about it on your web site as well. Your photographer will probably furnish some sample shots for the website, just to show what excellent quality your “customers” can expect.

If you’re really well organized, pre-sell the initial print. You know some people with good intentions won’t show up, but if they purchase ahead of time, your organization will still benefit.

Everyone asks for money – and as donors we can get worn out just trying to decide which good cause will get our limited funds. So instead of just “asking,” make it fun and let your donors get something valuable in return. (In addition to the good feelings they get from supporting you, of course.)

Marte Cliff is a Freelance Copywriter who specializes in making people feel good about donating to worthy causes.
She has extensive experience in writing fundraising letters, search engine optimized web copy, postcards, space ad copy, press releases, and more. She is also available for fundraising plan creation and editing services.


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