Things Your Removers Can’t Do On Removals Day

Let’s say immediately that depending upon the nature of your contract, a professional removals company can take care of just about anything for you in the area of household removals.

For example, it’s perfectly possible to arrange a total household removal, including all formalities, if you’re out of the country and have decided to sell up and get your furniture shipped to you.

However, here we’re talking about a typical house removal where you are present and you’ve hired a furniture removal company for packing and transport alone. If that’s the case, these are a few things they probably won’t be able to assist with.


  • Taking inventories. This usually only applies in situations where you’re moving out of or into rented accommodation. It’s an important task and can’t be left to your removers, given your legal interest is involved.
  • Reading meters / liaising with utility companies. Although not common, disputes can arise with final meter readings and bills arising from that. So, generally, furnitureFurniture delivery service Londo companies won’t get involved.
  • Draining down fuel. This usually relates to things such as lawnmowers, scooters, motorbikes and perhaps even the occasional car. It’s necessary because the insurance cover for most removal companies won’t permit them to transport such things if they contain fuel. While some removal personnel ‘might’ do this for you on the day itself, you shouldn’t really count on that. Do it yourself in advance.
  • Running errands. Incredible as it might sound, some people have asked their removal team if they can drop off documents for them at solicitor’s offices or go and pick up pieces stored elsewhere. In some cases that might be possible (if the vehicle is passing said address) but such a request is pretty cheeky so don’t rely on a positive response. The guys are not there to act as a courier service!


    • Keeping your neighbours sweet. Removals can be controversial with neighbours. Examples might include narrow roads or lanes that need to be blocked by the removal vehicle or likewise with a neighbour’s drive. Your removals team aren’t going to be able to speak to your neighbours in advance to get their permission and good will, nor is it their job to resolve arguments on the day itself. So, get out and speak to your neighbours well in advance and remember – this can be an issue at both ends of the removal.
  • Emptying garages or lofts / disposing of rubbish. If you’re paying for professional packing, your removers will take items out of garages and lofts but this isn’t the same as saying they’ll get involved in helping you sort out 15 years’ worth of accumulated junk. They also won’t be able to do odd runs to the local tip to help you dispose of rubbish. Yes, such requests have been made in the past! Garages and lofts need to be fully sorted out and ‘ready to go’ before removal day.

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