What Do You Get in a Medical Spa?

Medical spa is a hybrid between a medical clinic and a day spa that operates under the supervision of a medical doctor. It has made a revolution in the field of beauty therapy.Medical-spa has no side effects since it is operated under the supervision of a licensed health care professional making it more secure than the regular spas. Hence, Medical Spa is being widely used by many customers nowadays.

Medical spas have many benefits. The top three benefits are:

1)Botox -Skin treatment: A chemical called Botox which is also known as Botulinum toxin. The scars and dark circles on the face could be removed by using this chemical preparation. Botox perfectly works on the particles that create the dark circle on the face and removes it completely. We can see results within a few days. Another famous facial called Rejuvenation is used to cure hyper pigmentation, acne scar, age spots, sun damage, skin tones etc. Nowadays this treatment has become more popular. Both men and women are keen to get this treatment all over the world since it has no side effects.

2)Hair Removal with the use of Laser: Another popular treatment that is available at Med Spa is hair removing. The treatment is done by the use of Laser. Through this process the unwanted hair on the body will be removed without any pain. The medical spa has trained professionals that use highly powered lasers to remove any hair. Many people have benefited from this treatment. Hair on the face, under arms, chest and legs can permanently be removed. There is no need for injections under this treatment. The laser treatment is a very quick process as it hardly takes any time.

3)Body Sculpting : This method of treatment is given to reduce the body weight.People who want to lose weight approach the Medical -Spa and go for this treatment. The process is very simple. Unwanted calories cause fat and they get deposited in the body. That’s the reason people gain weight and have difficulty doing their regular activities. Laser helps liquefy these fats. The laser is basically applied on a particular part of the body in order to destroy the fat cells. But before starting the treatment,anesthesia is applied on the part that’s to be treated. But it takes only a week or two to get recovered completely from the treatment.


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